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(03/31/2013) [-]
Are you kidding??? Even if Morgan Freeman came up to you and said he murdered your entire family with a book full of random stuff, and said that he decapitated their heads with just paper cuts from the book and said you were next...what would you do?

You would clap for that Saint because his voice was that beautiful and godly.

Hell and if someone tried to assassinate Morgan Freeman, this is how it would play out. The assassin would fire his rifle, hoping he would only needs a single shot. As the bullet is traveling down range to Morgan's head, it would be wondering why this person would try to kill Morgan. When the bullet is just about 10 feet from Morgan, the bullet would say "**** it" because you cant kill someone who's just that...that... there's not even a word to describe what Morgan Freeman is! Finally, the bullet would stop, turn around, and go straight back into the rifle barrel, foretelling of what this man will do so from there on out, the assassin will kill Morgan Freeman
#116 to #110 - anon id: 867f9707
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(03/31/2013) [-]
This is #110, very last part I meant "never kill Morgan Freeman"
Sorry about that.