Don't go to prison kids. Please... Don't look at the tags.. Ml years age swage up in jail cell with best friend and ather prisoners hemmed with public intoxicat The Game motherfucker
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Don't go to prison kids

Please... Don't look at the tags.

Ml years age
swage up in jail cell with best friend and ather prisoners
hemmed with public intoxicated, disturbing the peace, and posessed of illegal fireworks
ufriendly en the pay phone with his parents
she' s crying like a bitch
wig black brutish cellmate walks up behind friend
spells friends pants down
s'' time fer yew buttrape"
awalk up behind black cellmate ravaging friend' s ass
s'' tsh, yeah. well time fer YOUR buttrape"
spull black cellmate‘ s pants dawn and start ******* his ass
r-" jake‘ s en , cracker faggot, I' m kwan' that **** ?
steel black cellmate ******** en my dick as I' m ******* him
spuddenly sameone else pulls my pants dawn and ***** my ass
siofme I knew it all the cellmates are in cne Kang conga line cf ***********
ffriend' s still crying en the pay mane his parents the whole time
is udderly hear guards smut "what the fuc k?!"
solide caen the cell decks and start breaking up the mange line cf ***********
Hist ensues
escape through the men cell amidst the may hem
7: -nearer saw friend again
wed... tharius forbearing. i guess
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#1 - baconfeveritis (03/28/2013) [+] (1 reply)
How was the ass?
How was the ass?
#2 - pinkpone (03/28/2013) [-]
"Joke's on you, cracker faggot, I'm lovin that 						****					"
"Joke's on you, cracker faggot, I'm lovin that **** "
#6 - tjmwatton (03/28/2013) [-]
> live as hermit in hills somewhere
> not sure why, not sure for how long
> been there forever as far as i can tell
> only motive is 'to forget'
> to forget what
> "dont think dont think. you're guide told you never to think"
> curiosity. i think
> "why was i here? it was to forget something..."
> "what was i supposed to forget?"
> salty tears line my face
> realise
> became hermit to forget the game and become ultimate game winner
> have just lost the game
#4 - darlingdo (03/28/2013) [-]
Hfw leaving
Hfw leaving
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