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#213 - lazragoon
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(03/28/2013) [-]
32. Find your passion and figure out how to get paid for it.

This is probably the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, mainly because it directly applies to my life, which probably no one wants to hear about.
#241 to #213 - gentlemanscholar
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(03/28/2013) [-]
i want to hear about it
#242 to #241 - lazragoon
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(03/28/2013) [-]
Thanks for your interest.
When I was in 8th Grade (13 years old), I found a theater group called Starkid who were making money off the internet doing things they loved. I had been in 2 professional plays at that point, but never considered being an actress as a career. The theater group made me realize that that was what I wanted to do, deep down inside of me. So now I'm working extra hard towards my goals of going into Music Theater, and enjoying every minute of it. I don't know how I'm going to survive on it, but I'll find a way.
#245 to #242 - gentlemanscholar
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(03/28/2013) [-]