Gorillaz fans here? read desc. I was wondering if someone can explain me where did this information come, because Im really into the band, but i dont remember s gorillaz help
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#1 - anon
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Hmm I love Gorillaz, but I'm not quite sure if I can confirm this information. Some of the thing do seem to be true, I just watch the songs on youtube and in the videos you might get some clues. For example, it says that Murdoc is doing a radio show in a ransacked house in London, with the other characters. If you watch the "Do Ya Thang" video, you can see at the end that he is talking into a microphone.

The whale stuff with 2D, I think I saw a picture montage video of rhinestone eyes with something about a whale on plastic beach which crashed into the house, but I'm not sure.

Hope this helped just a bit