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#228 - bobbysnobby
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(03/25/2013) [-]
People who say graphics dont matter are either full of **** or shouldnt share their opinions about video games. Video games (as the name implies) is a visual medium thus the visuals do matter, that doesnt mean they need to be realistic but they do need to communicate effectively to its audience. I will give you two parallel examples lets say you buy a harry potter book, does the type face matter? Well normally one would say no but if it was too small to read, or in a font that was so hard to read that it made the book a chore to try and read you have distroyed your content through the means. If you then buy that same harry potter book this time as an audio book, but the volume was so quiet that you couldnt hear it normally and the only time you could hear it was to ramp it up so loud that you were getting super loud static, you will have a missurable time with that audio book.

TL;DR version Graphics do matter because they are one of only a few ways that the medium of video games communicates to its audience. People confuse this with REALISM which you do not need. Graphics are very important, realism is not.
#252 to #228 - anon id: e36ef35a
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(03/25/2013) [-]

Not being an ass or anything, just helping out fellow human beings with the English language.