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#59 - ohgodwaitimatheist
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(03/24/2013) [-]
OK, here is what really happens:

1 - There are a lot of "nice guys" arround there which are nice to the girls because they want something from her. The really beautiful girls are used to it, they come in loads, you're just another scratch on her bow.

2 - You might think they are all bitches, but think about it with me. If you were a really beautiful girl which sees guys being nice to you all the time and 98% of them are not being nice without a dark desire over you, would you really ****/make out with all of them or kick all of them off right away?

You probably have seen these:

"Hey, how are you?"
"Get out".

"You look beautiful"
"We are not *******, anon"

"Is everything ok with you"
"Leave me alone".

3 - When you are nice to a girl, it will feel like you are needy. I'm not telling you to be an asshole, just don't act like "I'D DO ANYTHING TO HAVE YOU".
You know, this thing about "alpha/beta males" is actually true. Women don't like to feel they are doing a favour to someone when they get in a relationship with men.

Here's what you do: if she is really, really, beautiful, you shouldn't start right out trying to convince her you are a good guy. Act desinterested. Subcounciously, she will wonder why you are desinterested on her if she is so good. This is where the "being alpha" part starts; if you demonstrate high social value (not directly to her, but arround her), act comfortable, she will start to grow curiosity and interest over you. She might try to give you a test, like asking you to pay her a drink, don't fall for that, she is trying to prove to herself she is one of a higher value than you are and trying to get an "early win"; should such thing happen, say something like "I don't buy drinks for girls, but you can buy me one". Be the prize, not the player.
When she starts revealing true interest on you, then you can easily do the same. Such things would be asking for name/age or she should play with her hair, you'll know. Take it easy and let it happen.
#74 to #59 - ohgodwaitimatheist
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(03/24/2013) [-]
Just some more things you should know:

Don't be try hard. This will lower what you are worth in her eyes.
I can't stress this enough, act comfortable, don't be some social freak. If you are funny, smart, and you can mantain a good conversation, you are several steps ahead.
Here's one small and important trick: If, on the start of interaction, you give a few signs of desinterest, it might be a good thing for you. What you are trying to do here is putting her on a rollercoast of emotions. This gets good results, really. This is where things would happen to go wrong with you; if you are just the nice, comforting guy, you get boring to her, really. One example of what you could do, is playfully mess with her, like "Eww, you're spitting on me". The most important part is being PLAYFUL. If you are with her friends, when she does something a bit out of common you could say "is she always like that?" or "excuse me, I'm talking to your friend, wait on the line". PLAYFULLY! Things like that will force her to try to impress you to regain her status. Another important detail: when you do it, don't keep looking to her to check her reaction, she'll know what you are doing, just do it (like nike said). And showing interest and showing desinterest is a treatment on her actions, like punishment and reward. Punish attitures you don't want and reward actions that makes you feel that is a signal of attraction.

Well, that's all I could remember by now, I was about to type something and I totally forgot.

Source for this: Mystery Method. Read, *****.