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User avatar #111 - reginleif
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(03/24/2013) [-]
Just a protip here..... you are not a nice guy. I am not nice guy... nice guys are rarer than a ******* four leaf clover in a cow pasture. Nice guys are altruistic, meaning they will expend time and effort expecting nothing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in return....in terms of evolution these guys shouldn't exist.

Once you realize this, feel free to join us in the table of manhood and proceed to use material and occasionally immoral methods to finding women. You said it yourself.....women are vain, powerhungry , bitches who are attracted to giant tanned rich douchebags. If you are correct, which I know many of you think you are then this statement has two solutions 1. Become one. 2. Shut up if you aren't willing to adapt.

Anyways I have never had problems with this so called friendzone, here are some situations which could have put me there but with some common sense I avoided it.

1. I like girl, I tell girl, after carefully investigating her friends to see if she likes me (you can always deny and chicks tend to get overly flattered at this method. She says yes, you now have gf.

2. I like girl, I tell girl, she says no.....I walk away. I don't be an asshole about it, but I make sure I am less available, politely giving her the cold shoulder ought to make her consider what she stands to lose if I leave....forcing her to take the next step (This is even more effective if you shower the attention you put on her on some other girl for a while) , or allowing myself enough emotional distance to get over her and devote my energy to something more worthwhile of my time, instead of the constant asskissing "nice guys" seem to prefer.

"Maybe if I buy her chocolates every week she will change her mind"

Nope, giving her boyfriend levels of attention only removes her motivation to take that next step.

User avatar #126 to #111 - fayyzor
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(03/24/2013) [-]
This is why I love you.
User avatar #112 to #111 - reginleif
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(03/24/2013) [-]
3. Not my proudest moment had a paragraph written, but I don't want to get called a monster by the white knights of funnyjunkia...... know that it involves a ******** of guilt, guilt her before she can guilt you. Females are raised on compliments since the day they were born, they can't handle anyone thinking they are bad, and are very prone to try to change that person's mind.