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#24 - lindiihop
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(03/22/2013) [-]
>Be in senior year of high school
>About a month before graduation, psyched to finally be almost done with this school ********
>In Graphic Arts class, dicking around with Photoshop
>Find picture of bitchiest teacher in the school
>Photoshop devil horns & tail onto her and transfer it onto a flaming background
>Decide to print and show friends, hoping to get a laugh
>Go over to printer, nothing comes out
>Print a couple more copies, still nothing coming out of the printer
>Go back to computer, notice that the default printer somehow got set to the one in the teacher's lounge
>Start freaking out, since there's no way for me to sneak in there without a key
>Afraid they'll track it back to my account, and keep me from graduating this year
>Ohgod...my life is ruined
>One month passes, end up graduating, almost like this incident never occured
<---- MFW this was done and over with