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#59 - Redfinale
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(03/22/2013) [-]
poster must be completely ignorant to the fact there is usually something in each pixar movie, with maybe the exception of toy story 1 as it came out first and didn't have anything to properly link to beyond small things like the A-113 easter egg at the time, that eludes to a past and a future pixar movie. such as Boo's toys were a star ball (TS1/2) and a clown fish (finding nemo), then when finding nemo came out, a kid in the dentist's office is reading an Increadibles comic book. Doc Hudson's car model appears in the end fight scene of Incredibles, and a silhouette of what lloks like Doug from up scares Remi in Ratatouille. And then the Pizza Planet truck appearing in every movie except Incredibles