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#119 - fordun
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I think the real difference between the US and Finland's education system is that teachers actually give a ****. Now take what i say with a grain of salt because i haven't researched this extensively.

In my school i see so many teachers that are apathetic towards both the subject and their students. History is a big one for this. Because History is the easiest subject to get an A in ( But hardest to actually learn something from ) a lot of previous high school football stars end up becoming history teachers that don't give a ****. To them its just something that pays the bills.

Then again i see a small handful of decent teachers that have a passion for the subject they are teaching and just want to invoke that same passion they felt in high school with there students now.

Math is just horrible teaching wise. They teach algorithms that don't make sense at first glance and don't bother teaching there students WHY x=4. They just expect there students to carry out a set of directions to finish the problem rather then have a full understanding of why each problem is solved the way it is.

For anyone that doesn't know what i am talking about read "A Mathematicians Lament" by Paul Lockhart written in 2002. Its a bit of a read at 25 pages. A topic talked about is crucial to having good teachers. And that is passion. You can't teach passion. Rather then just teach a load of horse **** that students don't care about we need to teach about WHY science and mathematics is fun and exciting and not just a chain of classes that a student has to suffer through to graduate.

My favorite quote from this mans passage is roughly "Making a subject a required part of the core curriculum is a surefire way to kill any passion or interest in a subject".