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#36 - bobbysnobby
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>Studies show that smoking marijuana even heavily does not increase your risk for lung cancer.

Actually this could not be less accurate. According to a double blind study conducted in Australia Smoaking Pot is as bad or worse than smoking cigs. The reason for this is 2 fold firstly most people who smoke pot do not use a filter, secondly when you smoke pot you hold it in for much longer.

There has never been a discussion about IF pot causes cancer, its about how much it causes. When every you burn plat material it is an incomplete process, a process that releases carcinogens which over time will cause cancer. If you just burned standard issue printer paper and inhaled it same effect, if you took silk and burned it same effect. This is a very basic physics and chemistry problem and is not really for discussion the argument is HOW MUCH better or worse it is over tobacco.