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User avatar #94 to #50 - saturated ONLINE (03/21/2013) [-]
well I thought it was funny
User avatar #95 to #94 - thesovereigngrave (03/21/2013) [-]
Eh, shit happens.
#91 to #50 - makakas (03/21/2013) [-]
The world according to me.
User avatar #52 to #50 - dafq (03/21/2013) [-]
America pertains to the South and North continents, you appear to be attempting to insult the United States of America. Get it right faggot.
User avatar #64 to #52 - TheCanadianPatriot (03/21/2013) [-]
Actually, when it's the North and South Continents they are called "The Americas". Also America is just the shortened name of The United States of 'America'.
User avatar #68 to #64 - dafq (03/21/2013) [-]
Dear lord, both America and Americas can be used
Look it up
User avatar #71 to #68 - TheCanadianPatriot (03/21/2013) [-]
Well my mistake. However the fact remains the vast majority of people mean the USA when they simply say America. Does the literal definition matter when everybody knows exactly what they mean.
#60 to #52 - silverhellion (03/21/2013) [-]
Someone's getting a little defensive.
User avatar #63 to #60 - dafq (03/21/2013) [-]
I'm just in the opinion if you're going to insult someone then you should do it right
User avatar #55 to #53 - dafq (03/21/2013) [-]
Well you should give a fuck because you look like a retard
#152 to #55 - anonymous (03/21/2013) [-]
You're a butthurt little bitch
User avatar #169 to #152 - dafq (03/21/2013) [-]
So when someone insults you (and does it incorrectly) you shouldn't have a chance to prove them wrong? Mahaps you're the butthurt one because you can't stand a logical argument. So why don't you stop sucking your girlfriend's dick and actually contribute to this discussion.
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