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Story time, kids, scroll on by if not interested.

I used to donate plasma regularly, twice a week. Religiously. Did it all the time. Until one day when, underestimating how sick I was, went to donate while I had the flu.

Yeah, I ended up vomiting. Now, because they are liable for my safety while I'm in their building, they go on full alert, and keep on feeding me food because I "need nutrients in my system." I keep vomiting these "nutrients" right back up.

So, then they get worried about my hydration level. The obvious solution? Pumping me full of room-temperature saline solution. Now, room temperature may not seem so bad, and it didn't to me, until I remembered that my body's normal internal temperature is 98.6 degrees. I was freezing. Not to mention that no one in the entire building had a blanket, because they didn't consider that saline injections are really ******* cold.

Finally, after three hours of vomiting, saline injections, and pure discomfort, they decide to call in the ambulance. Now, I'm an EMT, and I know how much a simple ride in an ambulance costs, and I'm not certain if my insurance will cover it, so I politely decline. I've been sick like this before, and I know that what I need to do is go home, take some Pepto, and sleep it off. They decline, saying I shouldn't go against their "medical advice," (by the way, no one in that building had a doctorate) and that the healthy option would be to go to the ER.

They relent, have me sign a form, and I'm off. I go home, take some Pepto, and sleep it off. Guess what? Wake up in the morning just fine.

Return to the plasma donation center next week. Say "I'm here for my semiweekly donation." They respond, "Sorry, you're blacklisted." "...What?"

Apparently, since I went against their "sound medical advice," and suggested something that actually cured the problem, I'm a danger to their business, and they won't have me.

TL:DR, Don't donate at Biomat.
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(03/19/2013) [-]
Trying not to be rude, but it is kind of your fault that you donated while sick. Whenever I donate, they ask if I'm feeling sick or not, (more specifically searching for respiratory infection, but also ask if you have any other cold and flu-like symptoms) and if so, they recommend you don't do it in risk of this situation happening.
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