Shirt Designs. Part 2 /funny_pictures/448760/MOAR+Shirt+Designs/Does anyone know a way to get these made in r/l?. FFUU uguu uguu uguu Xaviersstuff made a repost shirts designs Bacon is orgasmic
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Shirt Designs

uguu uguu uguu
made a
repost of
this shirt
I want to make these into real
shirts, but I dunno how too..
I will make more if ' get a good
feed back " haha
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Submitted: 05/23/2010
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User avatar #320 - AlreadyExists (05/23/2010) [-]
'Xavierstuff made a repost of this shirt'
Dude absolutely nobody would know what that was talking about if I wore it'
User avatar #321 to #320 - Twigspeaker (05/23/2010) [-]
Probably not, but I absolutely want one.
User avatar #322 to #321 - firegrunt (05/23/2010) [-]
i would, i would then slow and normal lay on the ground, and roll as i laugh my ass off.
#193 - kylEsReAson **User deleted account** (05/23/2010) [-]
they should make a bikini with each boob having either a f or j and on the back
it should say see if we get trafic from that
make sure hot trimed women wear them tho..we dont want to scare people
infact just make them one size so fattys cant get in them and it
will encurage them to get skinny so that they will fit in them and than
they would wear them than we would get more trafic and the us
obisity rating would go down
its genious
User avatar #211 to #193 - parasite (05/23/2010) [-]
I'd buy one, but on the but it should say "stop looking at my junk"
#216 to #211 - kylEsReAson **User deleted account** (05/23/2010) [-]
good idea tho
#213 to #211 - kylEsReAson **User deleted account** (05/23/2010) [-]
but if it said that on the but how would ppl know what fj
stood for and how would we get traffic
plus i think that they already got one like that
User avatar #250 to #213 - parasite (05/23/2010) [-]
Rats! lol
#375 to #250 - kylEsReAson **User deleted account** (05/23/2010) [-]
User avatar #228 to #193 - anujgamer (05/23/2010) [-]

The return of softcore porn!
#199 to #193 - YaoiOtaku (05/23/2010) [-]
I would wear that.... (is a girl)
#201 to #199 - kylEsReAson **User deleted account** (05/23/2010) [-]
yes we are building already
finaly my plan will succeed
now i just need a-
i have an idea
we shall spawn babys together
we will teach them all about trafic and funnyjunk
we will name the termindites
#202 to #201 - kylEsReAson **User deleted account** (05/23/2010) [-]
(jk on the baby part)
#311 to #202 - YaoiOtaku (05/23/2010) [-]
lol, I want a pet with that name now.... XD
#377 to #311 - kylEsReAson **User deleted account** (05/23/2010) [-]
#153 - AfroChaser **User deleted account** (05/23/2010) [-]
yes! with these shirts everyone will know that im a sad internet nerd!
#190 - undeadwarlock (05/23/2010) [-]
i would most definately NOT do the ones of the famous people. that's complete ******** imo. try to keep them to general funnyjunk things. those people did not shape funnyjunk. we the voters did.
User avatar #594 - GreenEggsAndHam (05/23/2010) [-]
why the **** do the comic makers get their own shirts? like the rest of us arent important????????
#601 to #594 - FalconSoaring **User deleted account** (05/23/2010) [-]
They are the outcasts of the world, and draw comics to make up for it.

Also cuz this guy is a comic maker too.
User avatar #419 - MadameMeowmers (05/23/2010) [-]
Ok, I know Im going to get soooo many thumbs down, and prbably some nasty comments, but I would NOT buy a shirt with a specific person on it.

Now the FunnyJunk one with the new mascot....I'd order two.
User avatar #133 - EpicFacePalm (05/23/2010) [-]
I don't like the Mondo, felipe, Dsend, alchy ones. They're kinda retarded
User avatar #134 to #133 - EpicFacePalm (05/23/2010) [-]
The I'm pretty sure the rage guy isn't from funnyjunk, it's from 4chan
#135 to #134 - ChronicM **User deleted account** (05/23/2010) [-]
Who gives a crap.
User avatar #137 to #135 - EpicFacePalm (05/23/2010) [-]
I don't think many FunnyJunkies was to walk around with a 4chan shirt.
User avatar #139 to #137 - EpicFacePalm (05/23/2010) [-]
#140 to #137 - ChronicM **User deleted account** (05/23/2010) [-]
Meh, the memes belong to the entire internet. Not one site.
User avatar #143 to #140 - EpicFacePalm (05/23/2010) [-]
...Not really. I mean, it's an okay shirt, but I would much rather wear a shirt that represents Funnyjunk, and I'm pretty sure alot of the people on this site would agree
User avatar #4 - Acrylic (05/23/2010) [-]
Yeah, lets give the top comic makers their own shirts, like the entire FJ population doesnt matter,
User avatar #6 to #4 - Purrdye (05/23/2010) [-]
D: i was going to put u in my next one
User avatar #8 to #6 - Acrylic (05/23/2010) [-]
If you put me in it, I want some other people in it too.

I want one with you, Airguitar, MrSquiggly, CouchSpud, ScottishPirate, and alot more.

This is really good, and I thumbed it up, but it just... got to me...
User avatar #11 to #8 - Purrdye (05/23/2010) [-]
haha, sorry
i was going to put most of the other users in this post, but decided it would be too much.. if i decided to make more, which i probably will ill definitely throw more users in :D
User avatar #182 to #11 - MrSuper (05/23/2010) [-]
what about the regular users and not as popular posters that make up FJ? This makes me sad :(
User avatar #14 to #11 - Acrylic (05/23/2010) [-]
Thank you :)

I just didnt want another FJ family photo incident...
User avatar #19 to #14 - airguitar (05/23/2010) [-]
Thanks for representing buddy =)
User avatar #510 to #19 - melee (05/23/2010) [-]
what about me? i was the one the gave FJ the middle finger txt pic <:'O...
o well idc people dont notice me :/ Acrylic is funny and you see him EVERYWHERE same with air but he makes post so u know him either way
what about the Anon shirt? just blank with Anon in middle?
User avatar #474 to #8 - shadowbolt (05/23/2010) [-]
**** , I was that anon, but anyeay yes, add me as well.
#473 to #8 - anon (05/23/2010) [-]
*Brandishes tire iron*
And me too.
I'm always included.
User avatar #10 - AwesomesaursRex (05/23/2010) [-]
You should just go ahead kiss their asses (DSend, Alchy, Mondo, Felipe) while your at it.
User avatar #13 to #10 - Purrdye (05/23/2010) [-]
if i must?
User avatar #208 - Mynameismario (05/23/2010) [-]
I ******* hate thoose people on the shirts ,they get recognition because of their stupid comics and this is funnyjunk not comicjunk or some **** so stfu and stop with the comics if i wanted to read a comic i would of gone upstairs and read superman !!!!!11!!!
User avatar #156 - sgtpaint (05/23/2010) [-]
the only one i wouldn't want are the comic artist ones
User avatar #159 to #156 - joojoo (05/23/2010) [-]
same here, they are all ****
#138 - akron **User deleted account** (05/23/2010) [-]
i do not like 5, 6, 7, 8. its retarded. just shows that you dont give a crap about other users other than the famous ones.
#141 to #138 - anon (05/23/2010) [-]
famous for a reason.
#142 to #141 - akron **User deleted account** (05/23/2010) [-]
yeah, make a few good comics and then sell out. good reason.
#302 - anon (05/23/2010) [-]
I don't think you should make shirts with those douchebags who make commics, its just not right.
User avatar #308 to #302 - LazyPuppy (05/23/2010) [-]
Anon is correct with this one
User avatar #312 to #308 - Clefairy (05/23/2010) [-]
i concur.
#314 to #312 - MetalArmJack (05/23/2010) [-]
User avatar #195 - Yahoo Answers (05/23/2010) [-]
Honestly why would I want a shirt with some funnyjunker on it? If I was to buy one I would want myself on it!
#539 - anon (05/23/2010) [-]
really? i can understand the rage guy, **** yeah guy and fj logos shirts, but the ones with the comic makers i think is going to far.
User avatar #544 to #539 - merlinboy (05/23/2010) [-]
i agree
#523 - Lmaoplanes (05/23/2010) [-]
I'd buy the **** yeah one because its the coolest one.
#529 to #523 - ErinMA **User deleted account** (05/23/2010) [-]
i would too
#93 - anon (05/23/2010) [-]
your not standing on your head...
User avatar #21 - airguitar (05/23/2010) [-]
Pedobear shirt: Strangers have the best tasting candy!
User avatar #2 - luakazuki (05/23/2010) [-]
User avatar #1 - docon (05/23/2010) [-]
i want the **** yeah shirt
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