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#196 - jordynnnn
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Story time guys.
I go to an engineering school where there aren't very many females. (Not super relevant, just saying we got hit on a lot and have to get over it)
I had a class with a guy who was very beta trying desperately to be alpha. We talked a good bit and he started off as a nice guy but kinda got weird on me.
He would "Conveniently" show up in the buildings were my classes were, follow me (without talking to me, just being creepy), was overbearingly flirty and was often rude and vulgar; I was always polite though and responded to him and tried to be friendly.
MFW One day this ****** walked up to my fiance (The very first conversation we had I mentioned that I had been in a serious relationship for a while and talked about it a lot after that. Fiance also went to this school.) and told him that he needed to "back off" because I was "his".

TL;DR I was polite and turned into another guy's property.