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User avatar #38 - toxickooties (03/14/2013) [-]
Whale for one, it's dangerous for them to be on land because the weight of their inner organs are used to being practically weightless in water, on land it crushes their insides and slowly kills them.
#68 to #38 - matzic (03/14/2013) [-]
The joke just sailed right over your head, didn't it?
User avatar #69 to #68 - toxickooties (03/14/2013) [-]
No... It didn't but thanks for the assumption.

That was my attempt to be somewhat humorous and randomly informative.
#72 to #69 - matzic (03/14/2013) [-]
The point of leaving them on land was so they could die, therefore the information you supplied was already implied by the post. You were being redundant.

No offense.
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