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#310 - phsionix
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The thing that I always love in regard to racism, is that they ignore the fact that African warlords have been conquering and enslaving other tribes, and other cultures, since time began. And who do you think sold all those black slaves to the white slavers? That's right, African's did. And those African's had slaves of their own. Plus, slavery isn't something that is unique to blacks. Hell, a form of "slavery" happened during world war 2. The Japanese would capture the women from conquered villages, and use them as "comfort wives". Basically, sex slaves for their troops/officers. All this ****. All this horrible, inhumane ********, isn't something that any one person, or even one race, LET ALONE skin colour, is guilty of. It's a horrible part of the human condition, where people have exercised power over others, to make their own lives easier. After all, just look at how a manager in a fast food restaurant treats his subordinates. Like they're scum, generally, because in his mind, he's better than them. It's a very human thing, to try and elivate yourself above others. Of course, this is all terrible, especially violation's of human rights, and especially any kind of destitute that is sexual in nature, such as the way women are treated in some male dominated Muslim societies (I'm aware that the Koran doesn't say this ****, but some dick-bag Muslim males have corrupted it, like, for example, the west Baptists have done with Christianity) Slavery, or forms of it, are still very real today. However, we're not to blame. And these people who whine about it, don't have a damn clue. Just because we shouldn't feel guilty of the actions of a few people, hundreds of years ago, doesn't mean we're not aware of histories lessons. Just because it's not our fault, doesn't mean we think it's right.

Anyway, I suppose that's my wall of text over with. Sorry for you tl'dr people.
#356 to #310 - thestrangestboner
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