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#10 - baconbiscuits
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(03/08/2013) [-]
Was on orders in Southern California for a couple weeks, including the 4th of July, and I called Papa John's back home and asked if they would deliver a pizza to my wife with the pepperoni in the shape of a heart. The guy sounds horribly confused, gets the manager on the phone and I explain the situation: "Hi Sir, I'm a Marine, I'm away from home for the new couple weeks and really just wanted a pizza delivered to my wife with the pepperoni in the shape of a heart to let her know that no matter how far away I am I'll still find a way to get to her."

Thinking wholeheartedly he would do this one favor for me under the given circumstances. Nope. "Yea we can't do that." Why? "We just... we just can't do that. Sorry." And that was it.

Domino's on the other hand thought that that was shickled titless to do it. And when they delivered it I guess the delivery guy said "Tada!" and presented it to her and she couldn't tell it was a heart. So he went back and had another pizza made for her and delivered it all free of charge. Domino's will forever have my business. **** you Papa John's.