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User avatar #3 - AustintheAtrain (03/06/2013) [-]
I enjoyed Gone in Sixty Seconds and Ghost Rider >.>
#142 to #3 - Womens Study Major (03/06/2013) [-]
Because you are a faggot.
User avatar #104 to #3 - erikus (03/06/2013) [-]
As I see it he wasn't the right actor for Ghost Rider.

User avatar #94 to #3 - semierectnipple (03/06/2013) [-]
Dont forget Lord of war
User avatar #75 to #3 - octaviano (03/06/2013) [-]
Eleanor, enough said. Both the old and new one.
#12 to #3 - Womens Study Major (03/06/2013) [-]
You obviously didn't see ghost rider 2
User avatar #33 to #12 - AustintheAtrain (03/06/2013) [-]
I have not seen it yet. I want to, but i missed my chance to see it in theaters and I don't have the money to rent
#51 to #33 - Womens Study Major (03/06/2013) [-]
I recommend not seeing it at all. That **** is bad. Really bad.
#53 to #51 - torexofthenight has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #99 to #53 - jehova (03/06/2013) [-]
I pretty enjoyed the film too. BUT, well, there is a difference between a good film that has some sense, a moral (or not), a good filmation, a good story and some effects AND a film that you enjoy, like THE TEAM ARGHHH that might be the worst film ever made but I still pretty enjoy it.
Ghost rider 2 it's like a huge punch in the face of the comics. BUT, I still enjoyed because of the ************* lava-excavator.
#6 to #3 - putridgrim (03/06/2013) [-]
I thought the same thing.
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