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User avatar #100 - thepalmtoptiger (03/04/2013) [-]
Say what you want about religions, but they've got some sweet ass buildings and some ornate jewelry and clothing. It'd be nice to see a religion build something cool again, they haven't done anything big in several hundred years.
User avatar #187 to #100 - pokemonstheshiz (03/04/2013) [-]
well that was when the church was also very important to the state, so they had all the financial backing they could want. Plus the church was unified, there was one big church for one big city. We have too many churches to do that now, plus they have to support themselves
#105 to #100 - curses (03/04/2013) [-]
Well they're not gonna be able to. No whips and slaves around to build stuff for them for free you know.
User avatar #107 to #105 - fishtacos (03/04/2013) [-]
Yeah, because the Notre Dame Chapel and the Vatican were totally built using slaves.
User avatar #106 to #105 - nockae (03/04/2013) [-]
No, now we have machines.
#108 to #106 - curses (03/04/2013) [-]
Ah but those things cost quite a bit and need people to operate. So nice try.
User avatar #111 to #108 - nockae (03/04/2013) [-]
And the slaves took a long time to build **** .
What's your point here? Church's and **** have no money, or what?
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