Every Guys Wish. .. thats arnie from the rob arnie and dawn show on 98.5 Penis



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#59 - anonymous (03/01/2009) [+] (3 replies)
Guys email me americaneaglegrl96(yahoo) I'm a sexii girl
#62 to #59 - porcupines (04/08/2009) [-]
i sadi **** u
#48 - anonymous (11/27/2008) [+] (5 replies)
that wish already came true for me
#54 to #48 - The Goliath (01/24/2009) [-]
i was born with that wish
#44 - anonymous (02/10/2008) [-]
Gays are screw ups!!!!!!!! They should heave no ******* rights. Gays burn in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate those god damn fagots!!!
#43 - anonymous (02/01/2008) [-]
i agree with ryan *licks lips*
#42 - anonymous (01/09/2008) [+] (1 reply)
i dont wish,i got!but god should have gifted somebody else with a big one other than me because i dont like sex...
#41 - anonymous (11/28/2007) [-]
hey, ryan! i have a question. are you gay? if not you sound hot so i would **** you any day
#40 - anonymous (11/18/2007) [-]
sorry, ryan the truth is i just am jelous cuz u r on so many picturesi wanted to stop u and ur right i am a big huge pussy
#39 - anonymous (10/28/2007) [-]
y the fck would every guy want a big black cock?
#28 - anonymous (10/02/2007) [-]
if that was his i would suck it in a heartbeat all night long
#27 - anonymous (10/02/2007) [-]
hmmmm u lot r al frm america i guess.
#26 - anonymous (10/01/2007) [-]
My humongous cock could overpower that feeble stump with mighty force as the 15 incher comes crashing down upon thee and strikes you down worse than Ben kenobi
#25 - anonymous (10/01/2007) [-]
silly faggot, dicks are for chicks
#24 - anonymous (10/01/2007) [-]
i like cocks as much as ryan and dave
#23 - anonymous (10/01/2007) [-]
lol why is it that Dave, Ryan and (sometimes) chris leave comments that arent about the pic lol. anyways my bro saw this and he said wtf i wouldnt want that......and yeh WHO CARES IF UR ******* FIRST OR SECOND.....it just proves u have no life
#12 - anonymous (09/30/2007) [-]
Sigh.. funnyjunk has realy gone to waste. 50% of the comments are complaining about "first!" or "HA HA I'M FIRST" comments. I don't it's worth my time to complain about people saying they're first. I already know they're losers, so why bother?
#11 - anonymous (09/30/2007) [-]
Sigh.. funnyjunk has realy gone to waste. 95% of the comments are "first!!" or "HA HA HA I'M FIRST" I think that we should shut up and just comment of the picture. I know most of you won't care but i just wanted to get the message out there.
#10 - anonymous (09/30/2007) [-]
what is that.. a chess pawn?
#9 - anonymous (09/30/2007) [-]
dose he have his thumbs up because he can finally lick his own do bar
#8 - anonymous (09/30/2007) [-]
no one would want one that big. girls would run away screaming at how disproportionate it is to your body.
#7 - anonymous (09/30/2007) [-]
lol to big it wouldnt fit lol
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