Be advised. No sleep tonight. File: -( 54 KB, 512x512, scary ) 911: 911 whats your emergency? CHILD CALLER: I think I need the police. 911: Okay whats your addr
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Be advised

No sleep tonight

Tags: sleepless
File: -( 54 KB, 512x512, scary )
911: 911 whats your emergency?
CHILD CALLER: I think I need the police.
911: Okay whats your address?
CALLER: ' street
CALLER: Theres this person just standing in my back yard.
911: Can you describe what they leek like?
CALLER: I can' t see his face-
911: What is he wearing?
CALLER: He' s got like a heeded sweatshirt I think en. I dent know. He has like a heed over him.
911: What is he doing?
CALLER: He' s just standing there Iceking at me.
911: is your mom or dad there with you?
CALLER: I can' t find them.
CALLER: Mom dad! Come here!. . . They are gene. I' m scared.
911: Okay the police are on their way okay?
CALLER: Please hurry.
911: Do you have a place where you can hide?
CALLER: He' s gene! I dent see him!
911: What happened?
CALLER: He just disappeared.
CALLER: Ne nol Help!
911: Okay calm down. Whats going on?
CALLER: He' s tapping the window on the side of my house.
911: What does he leek like?
CALLER: He has a really big smile and no eyes. Help me please.
CALLER: I' m going to go hide in my closet.
911: Okay go hide. The police are heading your way alright?
911: Are you hiding?
CALLER: I' m in my closet. Upstairs.
CALLER: *whispers*
911: What?
CALLER: He' s in my house.
CALLER: He' s running around real fast.
CALLER: He stopped.
CALLER: Not. *whimpers* He' s running upstairs!
When the Police arrived they discovered a boy dead age ll in his parents closet. His eyes were gauged em- His parents bodies were faund in the backyard
swimming pool. Both parents had their eyelids removed and most eitheir mouth tissue including lips tom upwith scissors. Multiple stab wounds to their
stomach and neck.
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Submitted: 02/27/2013
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i love stories with happy endings
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