Best Facebook Status Ever. Read the comments carefully.... Jose fft: I went through something really embarrassing, and messing around like that will get me plac funny facebook comment rick rolled roll lol LMAO best status conversation ever epic
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Best Facebook Status Ever

Read the comments carefully...

Jose fft:
I went through something really embarrassing, and messing around like that will get
me placed in jail :/
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Jose Jib never have i thought I would get caught something like this C' -j)
1. 6 min utes ago I Like
an Myrah's Panda lol what happened?
8 min Utes ago I Like
Jose afb gonna just put it out there since it even matter at this point (jhai) . so you know i
been single for a while, right?
7 min utes ago ' Like
Jose aft, give me a second to type the whole story
7 min HIE ago , Like
Avram's Panda
Eu minutes ago ' Like
Jose oft, you probably know that I live alone too. So I started feeling really lonely. I went
on line and searched on some sites for , well you know those women that s, **** for
money ()
5 min Utes ago . Like
Jose oft, up to this point. i dent give a **** so i emailed one of them and i regulated their service
at min Utes ago , Like
Jose off, never have i done some **** like that. So i was nervous as **** , turns out that the cops
were behind the website to catch people doing this type of sh it, and I got caught
at minutes ago ' Like
Jose IE Gonna let you in on a little secret tho... at this point. I dont give a **** about going to
at min Utes ago I Like
he Jib Let me tell you. I' m sick of people not giving a **** about me until I' m ****** over
3 min Utes ago . Like
Jose Mb You know I hate having to beg for ******* attention, as well as my other friends. but
none of them give a single **** about me anymore (b)
3 min Utes ago . Like
Jose aft, Down here in jail where I will end up... nothing is going to happen to me. Try reading
the first word I said on allot my comments (d)
2 min Utes ago . Like
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Submitted: 02/26/2013
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#2 - thedecodedgamer (02/27/2013) [+] (1 reply)
I don't want to look for it do it for me, please.
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