Wut. C = q^2 + 14q + 20 What is the minimum value?. lli?, omegle Talk to strangers! You' re chatting with a random stranger on Omegler Question to discuss: Role
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C = q^2 + 14q + 20
What is the minimum value?

lli?, omegle Talk to strangers!
You' re chatting with a random stranger on Omegler
Question to discuss:
Roleplay. Aannd
You: My name is Sir Reuben .
You: I am looking for a fugitive.
You: Fugitive?
You: Yes.
You: Fugitive.
You: It is a new species.
You: It is a humanoid, approximately 5 ft tall.
You: Have you seen it?
Stranger: I have indeed a feeling that I may be one of
those you are searching for, sir Reuben .
You: Well I will need to inspect you closer.
You: Remove your garments.
Stranger: It' s not decent, sir.
You: It is purely for medical purposes.
You: Rest assured, you have nothing to fear.
Stranger: lam pretty sure lam completely sane,
healthy and short, sir.
You: But how can I be sure you are a Fugitive?
You: I have a proposal.
Stranger: We are unable to lie, sir. So if I say lam a
Fugitive, while being a Fugitive
Stranger: I mean it.
You: But if you are human, you are able to lie.
Stranger: I may or may not agree, sir , if you
explain me idea of lying, which is, to me, abstract and
hard to understand.
You: Well then, I think we can compromise.
You: How about, if I remove my garments as well.
Stranger: What do you suggest?
You: Then we will both be without clothing.
You: "Remove hat"
You: "Remove Blazer"
Stranger: "removes watch"
Stranger: Doe.
Stranger: "Done.
You: "Remove scarf"
You: "Remove pocket watch"
Stranger: "has nothing to remove, since fugitives wear
just watches"
You: So you are a Fugitive.
You: Forgive me for doubting you.
You: But It seems I have only gone partway to my
You: "Remove tie"
Stranger: I understand, sir. You' re a man of science
and doubting is your nature and second name.
You: "Remove vest"
You: "Remove shirt"
You: "Remove trousers"
You: "Remove socks"
Stranger: "removes eyes with a fugitive claws"
Stranger: lam blind!
You: I will guide you.
Stranger: You shouldn' t have done this, sir.
You: You have the most beautiful tentacles.
You: "Slowly strokes fur"
You: My.
You: Forgive me.
You: This is rather ungentlemanly of me.
You: "Remove monocle"
Stranger: "catches the monocle and uses it as a flying
machine, floating just underlie ceiling"
You: "holds tentacle that is swaying softly. Starts
sucking it"
Stranger: You terrify me, sir Sayshaw. Good that my
race is able to use monocles in so many twisted and
evil ways! "starts bombing the room with a monocle in
completely new, military skin"
You: "quit menacing laughter"
You: I' m sorry Fugitive.
You: lam not Sir Sayshaw.
You: "Removes Human skin"
Stranger: !
Stranger: /!
You: Your resistance only makes my penis harder.
You: "Grabs tentacle and inserts it into anus"
Stranger: Nice try, horny horseman, but you haven' t
Stranger: That in fact lam note fugitive.
You: "Raises horseback"
Stranger: "removes fugitive' s skin" Because lam sir
Reuben !
You: "tries to remove tentacle from anus"
Stranger: Using loads of latex, pig hair and toys from
octopus sex shop to create the perfect costume!
Stranger: "evil laughter, some Lightnings behind the
You: HA!
You: You are right where I want you.
You: For you cannot predict what lies underneath this
You: "Removes horse skin"
You: "Realises is actually just a horse"
You: "vital organs fall apart"
You: "Dies"
Stranger: "shrugs" Idiot. He had no idea sir Reuben
doesn' t exist.
Stranger: "removes skin"
Stranger: "speaks with high voice and flies into the
sunset" And lam a butterfly!
Stranger: "empty room, rotting body ofa horse, night"
You: This roleplay is proudly sponsored by cinnamon
toast crunch.
You: Thank you for reading.
You: "Bows"
You have disconnected.
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Submitted: 02/25/2013
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#2 - lompe (02/26/2013) [-]
laughed too hard... minimum value is either -1,615 or -12,385
#1 - beenjammin (02/26/2013) [-]
What the actual **** did I just read?
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