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4spooky 6me
4spooky 6me
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Might be useful
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Lately, when making my rounds of the laboratory facility at night, I've been having these creepy thoughts. In these thoughts, I turn a corner and see a man in a tattered security uniform, and he's got no ******* skin. He turns, looks at me, smiles a huge bloody grin, and then runs toward me while his limbs grow longer at an alarming rate. I'm imagining this **** down every dark empty hallway.
****** NOPE.
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'i am kill'

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The only scarier moment past the bats was when the bats all turned into vampires and started attacking him. The only scarier moment after that was when they were set ablaze by the sun. After a short run away, they melted into ash. The man had yet another terrifying moment when the ash turned into a dozen pheonix. He promptly had a heart attack induced by the flaming birds and went into a coma where he spent 10 years going through the seven circles of hell and braving the devils flames only to wake up to find he had gotten skin cancer so they replaced some of the skin with other parts of his skin. Then they found more and more and more. Soon all of his skin was lost and all he could do was try to trudge home to say goodbye to his family. He had almost made it home when he met a man who looked appalled at his appearance. Trying to inject some humor into the situation, he stated the obvious "I've got no skin." He then collapsed and died, releasing the hallucinogenic drugs that kept him sedated in his coma.
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Is this a Diablo 2 Act 3 parody? XD
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Hey Smoothskin!
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