How I feel on youtube. .. Are you kidding? The red bar is a racecar, it's the grey bar that's slower than grandma.
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How I feel on youtube

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Submitted: 02/23/2013
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User avatar #2 - rainbowtacos (02/24/2013) [-]
Are you kidding? The red bar is a ******* racecar, it's the grey bar that's slower than grandma.
#7 - iron **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (11 replies)
User avatar #11 - sniffythebird (02/24/2013) [+] (5 replies)
2008 - 720p would load about 3x faster than playback.
2013 - 360p barely loads fast enough for playback.

Youtube's coding and buffering is getting worse and worse, but they're just changing the layout and adding unecessary features instead of improving performance.

And like I said, same internet speed as always. Don't ******* try to blame this on my internet or anything.
#18 - NhuckCorris (02/24/2013) [+] (14 replies)
>tfw just bought 80 MB fibre optic broadband, and youtube still wont buffer for **** .
#30 - felixjarl (02/24/2013) [+] (4 replies)
I got some of the best internet money can buy in my country, and even with all this i have problems loading 360p videos on youtube sometimes.
#12 - flonat (02/24/2013) [-]
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#44 - jesterif (02/24/2013) [-]
I get like 40 mbps down and youtube is slower than dial-up
User avatar #36 - furiousstorm (02/24/2013) [-]
NOTE: this is a gif in realtime
User avatar #1 - bobthedilder (02/24/2013) [+] (4 replies)
for like 2 weeks now youtube doesnt loadd worth a damn unless i put it in 240p all other formats load fine
User avatar #67 - jakekel (02/24/2013) [-]
Am I the only one that has no problem with YouTube buffering? I can load and play videos in 720 - 1080p

But to be fair, I have an extension on google chrome that stops auto-play for youtube, giving it a bit more time to buffer. Which makes me immune to stuff like this.
#43 - thekingofop **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #10 - robotekk (02/24/2013) [-]
For some odd reason, it loads fastest when I set it to 720/1080 for me, but takes forever on any other setting.
#58 - floofy (02/24/2013) [-]
how i feel with FIOS
how i feel with FIOS
User avatar #57 - rokkarokkaali (02/24/2013) [-]
Youtube is such a cunt. It automatically switches the quality to 360. So I go and make something to eat while the video loads on 480p and then I start the video, and 3 minutes in it switches it back to 360. **** you Youtube, I watch what I want.
#37 - acocobar has deleted their comment [+] (8 replies)
User avatar #17 - plainarcane **User deleted account** (02/24/2013) [+] (1 reply)
I keep having my videos freeze, and the only way to get them to play is to exit out of the video and then open it again. Every time that happens, I get one tiny step closer to going on a massive killing spree.
User avatar #21 to #17 - yunoavailable (02/24/2013) [-]
it you get the video resumer extension for Google chrome that could relieve some of your frustration, it will at least start the video where you left off automatically. it might be on other browsers too
User avatar #42 - azraelthemage (02/24/2013) [-]
It's even worse when you're listening to music through Youtube.
User avatar #34 - StormEagle (02/24/2013) [-]
slightly off. the grey bar should be the old woman and the red bar should be an olympic trackstar
#31 - Womens Study Major (02/24/2013) [-]
i remember that before on internet explorer the video was stored on "temporary files"
now not even the viedeo isnt stored... u need to re-dowload it to watch it again if you change page

btw i use chrome now.... just did a small experiment again with IE
User avatar #14 - songemot (02/24/2013) [+] (1 reply)
I just hate when I can't watch the video at all because the ad refuses to load.
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