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#86 - unijaw (02/23/2013) [-]
You're right it's not Iran that is the problem. It's the oppressive regime that governs the country with an oppressive ideology. The government however as I understand it has **** all power outside of Tehran. You show women in this picture and I know for a fact that in Iran it is illegal for a woman not to wear a head covering in public. The law however supposedly is never enforced. Watch below for a fairly unbiased and sensible documentary on how Iran works. With street interviews.
Iran is not the problem. The government is. The same can be said for America tbh.
and below is a video on a Ex Muslim Iranian talking about how the youth are turning away from Islam entirely and how Iranian Nationlists cannot logically be Islamic.

The future is very bright for Iran but they need to go through what the Americans youth went through with Marylin Manson and such. They need to be shown that its okay to be unreligious. The Islamic revolution has done more to undermine Islam than any Richard Dawkins/Christopher Hitchens chap ever have. The Iranian Atheists/agnostics page on facebook has thousands of members.
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