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OC found while i was browsing the web

tll) Is it true if you rub cat pee It
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is it true if you rub cat pee in your eyes you can Tennis overruling bullying
see and communicate with spirits?
About Thears ago or so I met a friends mom who supposedly has a ''special gift", who
was able to touch you on the shoulder and know what kind of person you are etc etc.
Anyways, she told me one day she is able to see and communicate with spirits by
her rubbing cat pee in her eyes. She told me she communicates with her mothercat
had passed, and sees spirits walking the streets all the time. She said the spirits she
sees will not attack unless you provoke them and they know you see them. Lastly,
only watto stop seeing these spirits is to take your own pee and rub
it in your eyes than they will disappear. I' been wanting to troth's forthe longest
time but it seems nasty as hell, are there any educated sources out there or so called
intermediates" that can shed some light on the matter?
PE, The reason why I' wanted to troth's is because my EX girlfriend passed at 16 ' E
and I really miss her and want to try to find some way excommunication- I know most Christian teen Wm can ward E mais
psychics are a crock of shlt but yea, please no rude comments. This may seem ‘humiliated over ? million generous gimp
somewhat humorous to some, but to me it is a serious question. Toshiro) herne? thenesty
Rebeca Marine walks away from a professional
career because of abuse she took on social
9 months ago Fl Report Abu
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Oh, sure! Ifyou want to you' ll have to place cat feces in your ears. Don' t
forget to do that as well. God, that is the dumbest thing I' ever heard of
Edited 9 months ago Fl Report Abu
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lttp taille
f In "M till
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Submitted: 02/22/2013
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