General Ignorance. I thought this was interesting. <br /> Please comment with your thoughts. <br /> And Rate please.. lall My floating head is here  general ignorance clever GBDurrary
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General Ignorance

General Ignorance. I thought this was interesting. <br /> Please comment with your thoughts. <br /> And Rate please.. lall My floating head is here

I thought this was interesting. <br />
Please comment with your thoughts. <br />
And Rate please.

My floating head is here to
Illgal warn you that these
questions are deliberately
misleading, and you will
probably think the wrong
thing. That is the point. All
my facts are true, and
researched thoroughly. I
will answer a few, but I will
leave some for you to by
and answer yourselves, I
will upload those answers
seperately. Enjoy!
1. How Many Wives Did King Henry VIII (tth) have?
No, not if,
In fact, its open to debate, I make it two, Catholics
could make it I.
For a start, His tth marriage to Anne of Cleaves was
annulled. Enrollment is different to Divorce, as it
means it NEVER happened. so thats 5.
The pope declared his second marriage Illegal, while
Henry declared his first illegal by Gems Law. Either
way making 4.
Henry also Annulled his marriage to Anne Boleyn and
then again to Catherine Howard. Making 2,
What is the driest place on Earth?
Actually, Some of you may have gotten this one.
It is Antartica. Yeah, that massive Ice covered continent at
w _ the bottom of the Earth. What?! You say, well,..
iill. . ti There are some places in Antartica where it hasn' t rained
iii' i? titi.. t, in two MILLION year' s. These areas, Called the dry
K. [ii'. i I I .u. , . , Valleys, are void of SHOW and Ice, and have an average
What is the wettest place on Earth?
Yeah, Some of you may have guessed. It is Antartica.
lall C) daly enough, it is also the windiest place on Earth!
Surely By now you didn' t go with it, No, It is not
that, The book of revelations sates that "The
number of the beast, For it is the number of a man;
and his number is six hundred threescore and six"
or the commonly held misconception 66,.. 6.
However, new discoveries of a 1700 year old copy
of the book of revelations reveals that the number
was mistranslated so many years ago. And it was
originally ... 6. Yeah.
Now feel for the German bus route that changed
5. How did Emperors of Rome order the death of a gladiator?
Yes, that is assuming you looked at the picture first, Thumbs up., Not
thumbs down. In fact, the Romans never used thumbs down. It had no
meaning in Roman life.
The thumbs up represented the drawn sword. The giver of death. To
represent the gladiator being spared, the thumb was tucked in, representing a
sheathed weapon.
I finish on this one for a reason, Yep, going to ask for some thumbs. If
this is well recieved, I will post more,
for some for you to ponder:
1. How many states are there in America?
2. What colour (Color) is Mars (the planet)?
3. What colour is Water?
4. How much of the Earth is water?
5. (This one might annoy a few Americans) Where was Baseball invented?
6. What is the capital city of Thailand? (Don' t even think it!)
7. What was the first invention to break the sound barrier?
What kind of music charms snakes?
9. If you threw cat A from a tth floor window, and cat B from an Sth floor
window. Which would be the most likely to survive? You can probably guess.
IO. From which Animal did the canary Islands get their name?
If anybody gets them all right, I will thumb up all of your content. (Is this reverse
thumb whoring?)
Comment if you think you know the answer, but remember they are all trick
questions to a degree.
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