Trolling Yahoo Answers OC. My first upload, hope you enjoy. 100% OC.. TYRESSE typen Causation Show me another to What does it mean if you have little red dots o one two three
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Trolling Yahoo Answers OC

My first upload, hope you enjoy. 100% OC.

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typen Causation Show me another to
What does it mean if you have little red dots on
tip of penis?
2 days ago i had unprotected sex with my girlfriend and we have been going out for l
and a half years and had never had sexual intercourse with anyone before each other,
but after we had sex i went for a shower I noticed a few little red dots on the tip of my
penis and was wondering what they were. i dont think that they will be an STD
because me or my girlfriend have nevermore anything with anyone else so i dont know
what it could be. i dont want to tell my parents either because i know what their
reaction will be because we are both 15 but i am just really worried that it might be an
STD please reply back asap because i am really worried and i want someone to reply
back what you think on here because iv tried so many other websites pl: help
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If you have a dog, get him to lick the tip of your penis for several minutes. Dog saliva
has a special combination that remove these sorts of problems near the
genital region. Most STD medication is mostly composed coming from
dog saliva. Since it seems like you only have tiny dots, ifyou have a disease, it hasn' t
progressed very far and a few minutes having your genitals licked will do the trick.
Please make sure that your genitals come in direct contact with both the saliva and
the tongue itself. Simply taking the saliva from the dog and putting it on your penis
region is not even close to sufficient. A couple of minutes is enough and you will see
them disappear within 2 or 3 hours. affor some reason there are a couple left, just have
him lick it again and it will definitely go away within an hour or so.
Hope this helps!
Source( s):
Extensive studies in this particularity
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Submitted: 02/19/2013
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I don't see who loses in this scenario
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