4chan feminism. ah 4chan . F EAA Ill bill Ill SAA Z: home making dinner. 11:] i 3,” -‘At a wife shows up drunk and starts asking me what We been up to. e making FEMINISM
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4chan feminism

ah 4chan

F EAA Ill bill Ill SAA Z: home making dinner.
11:] i 3*,” -‘At a wife shows up drunk and starts asking me what We been up to.
e making dinner for you , I reply.
a ''don' t you ******* lie to me", she roars, and punches me straight in the jaw.
Agif > at the floor, coughing blood and broken teeth.
I'll. . e vision blurry.
a wife is weeping.
a ''what have i done?", she cries.
a "it' s alright. you were upset...", i begin to say.
a vision sharpens.
e suddenly understand that it is not alright.
a stand up and run to the bedroom, lock door behind me.
a wife screaming at me not to call the police.
a pick up phone.
a call the police.
a "i' d like to report domestic violence", i say.
a wife is crying on the other side of the door.
a police rings the door.
a wife rushes to the front door, trying to dismiss them.
a "nobody called from here", she says.
a show up right behind her, blood now soaking my chest.
e "i called you", i say.
a "step aside ma' am", a cop says, and two male police officers walk in.
a "what happened here?", one of them asks me.
a "don' t do it", says my wife.
a "i injured my wife' s hand with my jaw", reply.
a wife falls down to the floor, crying as loud as i ever heard it.
e the officers look at her hand and notice her fist is bruised.
a police officers point guns at me.
a wife cries to the police to stop.
a "put your privilege down, now!", one of them says.
a "i' m Sorry, but it is impossible. i was born a white male", i reply.
e a tear runs down one of the cop' s cheek.
e "i have done everything i could not to oppress my wife, but it wasn' t enough", i continue.
a "do you have any last wish?", one of them asks.
a "can you write in my epitaph the words 'tried to be a decent human being'?", i ask, trembling in fear.
a "best we can do is 'didn' t try hard enough"', a cop replies, visibly crying now.
a "that will do", i say, and a bullet is fired, exploding my brains everywhere. wife hysterical.
e at last, i can finally rest.
a knowing my privilege will never go unchecked again.
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Submitted: 02/19/2013
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User avatar #3 - mitchthehugeman (02/19/2013) [+] (5 replies)
See, feminism ruins lives. So for the sake of humanity, embrace sexism
#4 - siriuslygrim (02/20/2013) [-]
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#2 - frantasium (02/19/2013) [+] (2 replies)
So ******* deep...

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