Where do i Sign up?. I really need friends..
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Where do i Sign up?

I really need friends.

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Submitted: 02/18/2013
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#5 - romdadon (02/18/2013) [-]
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#20 - voidekatwo (02/19/2013) [-]
Note: YouTube is not the place
#16 - bennyxthexkid (02/19/2013) [+] (4 replies)
Here. This is where friends are made.
#19 to #16 - jacksterlad (02/19/2013) [-]
this right here is why you have no friends
this right here is why you have no friends
User avatar #10 - aldheim (02/19/2013) [-]
It's worse when you have friends, but you know that you'll likely lose them soon because you're all 18-21 and all have different plans.
You know people who complain about highschool?
**** those people.
#4 - mitchthehugeman (02/18/2013) [-]
I should teach this class. But first someone needs to teach me how
#2 - Milos (02/18/2013) [-]
That picture is very depressing.
#18 - DeusArchaic (02/19/2013) [+] (3 replies)
It's really easy. Say hi! It works itself out from there
It's really easy. Say hi! It works itself out from there
#3 - hairyguy (02/18/2013) [-]
i would say go outside and play but that only works when you're a kid, so screw it go outside and play because in the end we are all kids on the inside still.

Or you could try going to different concerts of the music you like, you will eventually get some my lonely friend, look you see that you have one now.

User avatar #1 - vycanismajoris (02/18/2013) [-]
>tfw no gif
#21 - xxxsonic fanxxx (02/19/2013) [-]
Read "How to make friends and influence people".
#15 - antoniospaghettio (02/19/2013) [-]
Just don't be a pussy, start a conversation with someone you don't know.
User avatar #9 - sidathe (02/19/2013) [+] (4 replies)
How is it possible to not make friends? Are you guys a bunch of social retards?
#11 to #9 - xxxsonic fanxxx (02/19/2013) [-]
whatchu saying ***** ?
#7 - llmazell (02/19/2013) [-]
friend request inbound :)
#6 - adamjesus (02/19/2013) [-]
**adamjesus rolled a random image posted in comment #282 at Goku ** lol it's funny because im in the dark right now on my computer with no one to talk to like always bye myself
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