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This is a political picture, and it is decidedly anti-democratic. On the right is Obama, at the forefront, flanked by Carter, Clinton, F.D.R., Wilson, and Teddy Roosevelt. A bunch of Dems. Bush is behind him, but he wasn't very well-liked, either. Lincoln, Reagan- both big Republicans. J.F.K. is over there as well, despite being a dem, but everybody likes J.F.K. Nixon also gets an interesting placement... he was a republican, but he is also widely disliked. Presumably Jefferson and Washington are put over there for 'forefather appeal', and because most don't realize they were more dem-like, being Federalists. The other faces aren't as recognizable, or aren't as notable, so they just get lumped in. Also, Obama is probably meant to be seen as standing on the Constitution.

It isn't meant to be 'Assholes' vs. 'People'. Its meant to be 'Good Presidents' vs. 'Bad Presidents', and all the worst are democrats, while the best are Republicans.