armageddon. The movie...y'know...With bruce willis? Also sauce if anyone wants it. Bruce Willis
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The movie...y'know...With bruce willis?

Also sauce if anyone wants it.

o Jackson Charged With Misusing Campaign Funds
Jackson Jr. Charged In Federal Cases
Blames Brain Tumor for Billion
Gambling ...
Live Updates: Asteroid Approaches Earth
Cites Brain Tumor in Billion Gambling
1 .Tweet E againt o Woman Charged in Pa. Bids Abduction
o Morn Defends Actions in Teen Fight
Facebook Graph Search to Shield Minors
aae p. 111. ET: Also, no word horn Bruce Willis or Ben Amalek We assume they have survived. More B
2: 35 pan. ET: Nasa is still streaming and watching the path of the .
Live video by Ustream
2: 25": pan. . We' re all safe here at ABC Headquarters in NYC. Safe from the asteroid, that is.
There' s still that nasty flu going around.
2: 25: p. 111. ET: This is the moment of closest approach. Asteroid has just new come with
17, miles of Earth. Looks like we' re still alive.
NASA' s Near Earth Objects Office at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., actually was E, it IIT, IN Missisipi
able to calculate the asteroid' s path almost a year ago - and has been reassuring people since then that . _ . .
Feb 2013) Biloxi - If you pay for car insurance in
there have been no major changes. Mississippi you' d better read this... Learn More B
Remember that Earth is a bit more than y, g. miles in diameter, so the asteroid clearly missed by a
fair amount.
But when you remember that the moon IS , aoo miles away, 17, 220 miles don' t feel like a lot to 1 1 of an E
2: 03 Mnn. ET: Closest approach for the asteroid is 2: 25 p. m. ET. Hold on to your...
Lal? p. 111. ET: ABC News' Kirie Rama, based in Moscow, passes on notes from a conversation with
Paul Abels of NASA' s Orbital Debris Office at the Johnson Space Center in Houston:
This was the BIGGEST meteor to hit since the 1908 impact that flattened a large part of Siberia.
NASA' s preliminary calculation is that this thing weighed in at hypo tons (not 10 tons as Russian
scientists first said).
Chris Brown and Drake Sue Each Other
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