Kids Titles. Some of these touch you.. Deeply Taken from 'Emails from an Asshole' op was sirmycocaine, but my other account got permabanned.. Childhood Classics Kids Titles Some of these touch you Deeply Taken from 'Emails an Asshole' op was sirmycocaine but my other account got permabanned Childhood Classics
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Kids Titles

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Kids Titles. Some of these touch you.. Deeply Taken from 'Emails from an Asshole' op was sirmycocaine, but my other account got permabanned.. Childhood Classics

Some of these touch you.. Deeply

Taken from 'Emails from an Asshole'

op was sirmycocaine, but my other account got permabanned.

Childhood Classics
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Original ad:
Movies wanted for children aged 5 and up - will take all
unwanted DVDs!
Hey there!
I' m trying to get rid of a bunch of movies I' had since I was a
kid. The movie stores won' t take them, and it would be a shame
for me to just throw them out. I' d love to pass them on to people
who can enjoy them. Let me know if you are interested.
From Julia - to Me:
Mike - Which movies do you have and how much do you want
for them?
From Me to Julia """:
Here is the full list:
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Backdoor Creampies 2
Beauty and the Beast
Big Black Threesome
Finally " and Legal
The Lion King
Mattress Slaves S
The Mighty Ducks
Toy Story
Wet Squirters 5
Please let me know which ones you want.
From Julia - to Me:
Mike... some of those titles are inappropriate.
From Me to Julia """:
Which titles are inappropriate?
From Julia - to Me:
I think you know which ones...
From Me to Julia """:
Are you talking about Fantasia? I know, I thought it was a
Vietnam war movie too. I assure you it has nothing to do with
Asia and is completely appropriate for children. The only other
title I think you are referring to as inappropriate is The Lion King,
but I think you are confusing that with "The Scorpion King," the
violent movie starring Dwayne Johnson. While the Lion King does
have adult themes, it is nothing like The Scorpion King.
I hope this clears things up.
From Julia - to Me:
to me how these movies are for children??? Backdoor
Creampies, Big Black Threesome, Finally " and Legal, Mattress
Slaves 3, Wet Squirters S. It sounds to me like you are trying to
throw out your porn collection.
From Me to Julia """:
Pornography? What a disgusting accusation! What kind of a
person do you think I am? You have a really perverted mind if
you think those movies are adult films.
I" ' really never heard of those movies? Where was your
childhood? I' ll find the plot summaries for you.
Backdoor Creampies - Cindy, a little girl with big ambitions,
decides to open a bakery in her parents kitchen - selling pies to
children who come to her backyard. Cindy learns that running a
business isn' t all fun and games in this hilarious tale of
Big Black Threesome - Barry, Billy and Bernie are three lovable
black bears who have zany adventures during their quest for
Finally " and Legal - A coming of age story about a young girl
who becomes an independent woman.
Mattress Slaves S - Part B of the shocking documentary about
slave labor in the mattress industry of third world countries.
Acceptable for kids, and in my opinion, a necessity to educate
them on some real world issues. I never bought a foreign mattress
again after this . j
Wet Squirters S - The Squirters gang is back again in this
heartwarming tale about a group of whales who try to find their
long lost father in a vast ocean of wet sea critters.
Once again, I hope this clears things up for you.
From Julia - to Me:
You expect me to believe that all of those movies simply have
unfortunate titles? Nice try.
From Me to Julia """:
Sorry to disappoint your sick mind Julia, but yes, they are all
children' s movies. So do you want them or not?
By the way, I just aound 3 more movies to add to the collection I
am offering:
Toy Story 2
James and the Giant Peach
Walt Disney' s Double Penetration Cockblasts 3
From Julia - to Me:
Okay I' had enough of this. You are a nut.
From Me to Julia """:
Think of the children, Julia. They will never get to enjoy these
classic films because of you.
From Julia - to Me:
Go to hell.
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Walt Disney's Double Penetration Cockblast 3. read it, i promise it's worth the read.
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walt disneys double penetration cockblasts 3