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My problem is this:

WHY THE **** DO WE KNOW HIS NAME? I mean, every time we see his stupid face plastered over some form of media, it further idolizes him for massacring innocent people. And what do you think this does to other mentally disturbed nobodies that want to validate their existences? They see that this man's elevated to the status of some perverse demigod, so why wouldn't that apply to them as well if they commit an even more shocking atrocity? Let him die as a the nobody he lived as. How about instead of unintentionally glorifying these psychopaths, we focus on the plight of the victims and intentionally glorify the people who manage to stop these tragedies from happening. Maybe then these mass killings will stop, as the people who think it will make everyone remember their names will realize that people give a **** about the people they hurt more than the sicko that hurt them.

But that won't happen. We love being angry. We love having something to hate. So go on, hate them. That's exactly what they want, and that's what they'll strive for.
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