Butterfly farm review. . 5 of 20 people found the following review helpful Buyers Beware, 30 Jun 2012 By Britt''_ Britt'' (Liverpool) - Genii/ / vs Fun: = Educa
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Butterfly farm review

5 of 20 people found the following review helpful
Buyers Beware, 30 Jun 2012
By Britt''_ Britt'' (Liverpool) - Genii/ / vs
Fun: = Educational:
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BUYERS BEWARE! l, f bought this product for my nephew as f thought it would be interesting to see a caterpillar' s journey from bug to butterfly. Package arrived on time and
when we sent off for caterpillars they came promptly. We put the caterpillars straight into the pavilion and my nephew filled it with twigs, leaves, soil and stones to create a
natural environment for them. Strangely the caterpillars began prearranging the foliage into what looked like little sheltered huts. We found this bizarre behaviour so we kept a
close eye on them. Within a few days they had managed to turn some of the twigs into tools and began building a small colony. Within a week they had began farming the soil
and had some how managed to build houses from the stones. i' week and a half later and my nephew got up for a drink at night and noticed light coming from the pavilion.
Some how they had managed to create electricity and had fully operational street lighting. Within 2 weeks f noticed that S of the caterpillars would regularly congregate around
a religious looking statue, whilst the other S seemed to shun this and had moved away’ to the other side of the pavilion and built a separate colony’. 2 and a half weeks and we
noticed a wall had been built between the 2 colonies. Tensions appeared high. 3 weeks later and my nephew noticed one of the caterpillars was dead. [In closer inspection the
caterpillar had been assasinated. Last night my nephew heard a huge bang. He jumped out of bed and the pavilion was on fire. He poured a glass of water over it and all the
caterpillars were dead. Traces of nuclear radioactivity have been found. As you can imagine we are hugely disappointed with this product. The caterpillars only lived for 3
weeks and are now all dead. They didn' t turn into butterflies as promised. Waste of money.
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