Bullshit Facts Part 2. PART 1: funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/4419486/Bullshit+Facts/. Facts ( it Fab Tht, Taoist: was larger than a mode m housecat. It is only a bullshit facts OC
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Bullshit Facts Part 2

******** Facts ( it Fab
Tht, Taoist: was larger than a mode m housecat. It is only
as vargs bacause dinosaur mass bagin to gnaw sacs tbs dinasaur is
******** Facts ( it Feb
A dairy in Wisconsin was shut down sacs it was revealed that the
saws wars sating Warheads candy, thus turning the milk ints a
potent acid.
******** Facts (%, it Fab
Gin nornan is produced when spider man keys use rocks to smash
thaw mg bsnss into a fine . than mix the powder with thell dry
******** Facts ( a Fab
was a nurse an ths Confederate aids in the
Civil War. It was she who invented the modern bandage in .
******** Facts - it Feb
Bots and other such software applications made up 25% of the
internet' s trams (and 100% of Myspace' s traffic] in 2012.
******** Facts (, it Fab
Gays are naturally mamas to radiation, which is why only 3% of San
Franciscans died when the fallout from Fukushima reached the area.
******** Facts 8 Feta
Scientists that they mast painful passible is
spaning a birthday card only to find cut there is no maids it.
******** Facts ( wtfacts_ El Fab
Carver Elementary School (celent: eell, NC) sat an NFL ricard when
they scared 16 in ans quarter against ths Kansas City
******** Facts ( E Fed
Urchin skin it, by composition, ids norcal to Hrs m bit: -an
Michelin alans has . '? -‘E of tha warms urchins.
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User avatar #2 - blackleather (02/13/2013) [+] (2 replies)
Pretty sure the birthday card one is 100% fact.
#3 - anonymous (02/13/2013) [-]
Sad thing is I read this in the Fact Core's voice.
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