Just read it. No really it's worth the read.. We we 200x198, gm Anonymous no ) 02/ 12/ 13( 51 No 458084840 Reyna be 25 graveyard ynrn as an amateur card dealer  Just read it No really it's worth the We we 200x198 gm Anonymous no ) 02/ 12/ 13( 51 458084840 Reyna be 25 graveyard ynrn as an amateur card dealer
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Just read it

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Just read it. No really it's worth the read.. We we 200x198, gm Anonymous no ) 02/ 12/ 13( 51 No 458084840 Reyna be 25 graveyard ynrn as an amateur card dealer

No really it's worth the read.

We we 200x198, gm
Anonymous no ) 02/ 12/ 13( 51 No 458084840 Reyna
be 25
graveyard ynrn as an amateur card dealer at a local easing for past 4 years
started by using momento help pay for college
hard ended get but pays well and gaves me the calms
calm as men
late work schedule doesny wen me chm nun mend: men an ruse browse and mi's by day cards at ngwn bands lonely
dropped out decollete last year
makig It' w ths Industry can lead to a year great padres wed knowone ngwn people so w keep
pretty much the best nun cards at my local easing mu male speed all paws mm char almost neverwet up dealing
get lucky break last new wealthy easing over rs nanna a huge tourney
they need wee new
but they' re looking to We anyone who stands out
ths e we
takes place all new during the day so lust to doubledown we
2 hour time both ways but worth we
got ths
calm at men
got my "lucky' sun glasses mg cheap We
most gamblers nave charms Must wanted onetwo
not even allowed to on duty an w deepweb w my reside pocket
show upto new day monday
make fast trends nun the Ingest Huger w could hnd well call mm Tyrone
Tyrone' s a at ths place got a end at an event lust we ths
says (ms rs bascally a en: tagger leagues and the easing gets nee help
they chansaw commence endurance ene
cael men up even dnoe
sdmb pads around too Whey we you the/ ll put m a good word
meg says many card drawers here make we to mg places on The Sanp (Vegas)
Anonymous on ) ) 18 58 58 No 468085564
We was KB, 628x343, )
begans, dealing at table
few hours m, w spot a pro w actually know!
nen superfluous, but my soemwhere w cemo rom he started pwaying at the dye cairne w work at nen, pretty famous
cahnt mm arkward
awards lucky charm e (ms deck that was once, mm agame once
wens of and cards
afew mere hours arkward makes ms way to my table
calm as neck
l' down cards We nobody' s business
workshy char, pass all speech checks
arkward does well, seems to we me, weaves
hush ms! day, dave to work, graveyard tall 3 am
next day, tuesday, acidentally sleep m 2 hours
nen used to naking upness early
sh}; everyting but shoveing and speed to work
only 15 mrnuggs late
notable tbr me to deal at yet
they agree to wen me hll m tbr any table that needs a dealer
st/ l calm as neck
amass the mom w spot arkward and a bunch unpeople at an attractable, apparently
ls engage
some Mme comes ever, says thm e ms table
nave mm or, m the maddie here
superuser explains was late, and w took
cusses and alums out
m calm as neck
award does well agaen, winch works in! my deputatum
tylers to buy me a dunk between tables
bascally sucking (ms guy' s dck nereng tbr nob here, but w was already a my can so whata
rading en we sht anyway
unevenness rest may
Wednesday w make l en tune, cause
less card dealers than usual
near that been cuting people out
near that apparently sameone wed to steal awards deck yesterday alter w wen
guy' s bigest guy at the competion
nen rule anyine who so much as asks about er touches ms lucky deck gets canned immedately, no
Anonymous on ) 02/ 12/ 13( 0014 No 468085880
We kfa, , ohgodno)
rest may gees Me
almoast% l asleep at work that nght
thursday, really necking sleepy we day
I > been gammy we 4 hours a nght, plus all we sht e (mug
st/ l got my lucky glasses, SW calm as neck,
Atra my luck, w get anonnet table wth award
mantha maddie ene hand cementing news en
deck e way nee mm, someting' s breng
cant wen anyine know, cant neck up
en neck nen dd we happen
tryong to remain calm
see the stanag at me Worn amass the mom wth a gun en ms face
m he Just grabbed at my deck when w wasnt weaking, took a nanalew
needs a runnang
awards got a mg / e en ms face, deem yet know what' s up
bets all m, two opponents Men
turn everone Ann card
awards / e wows larger
lterally out ricards, no " to play
awkwardly explain the
ready to we (mm embarrassment
awards upsideown rown turns We a NORMAL FROWN
nen happy
wens and cussing, he snerus en
en god km me
thank god "
explain to Terram that ms nen my , dd n, enc
mistaken pom!
mag agrees to wen me cemo m away, nen all e lost
desperately tryong to keep calm
that nght at work w actually can asleep at my empty table
en the ( e brutally snzcn )
nee wed to even , go home and sleep
Anonymous on ) 02/ 12/ 13( 01 52 No 468086269
wake up erday
ream that my whole future e rading en we day sence w lost my normal job
dave there, get there an new early
totally awake nen
calm as neck
got my lucky glasses, gonna do we
takes me aside and explains that m SUM m the runnang , and w can probably get l so weng as w
dont neck up
hast day gees Me
about an new m award lterally walks ngwn We me, nen weaking
w apologie we amanaman but he weeks pssed at me
guy' s an asshole, w decade to get ms approval even though he' s probably my best shot
awards SW m the ceep, but gammy awed word (mm mm‘: pretty much a justcause nen
unevenness hast , as per usual
see award skis ta% nato
wie, ms really probably Me
alter lunch there' s only ene game wen, the match
head superuser explains that m en the table in! n, due to a good word (mm award
explains that awards bascally the mason rm gonna get we job
Mal round
everyine e seats, award e wagging banend
all superuser eyes en me
keep calm
lucky glasses arent even en me, W
mums to week , but ms making me spagheti en the reside
need to keep calm
Anonymous on ) 02/ 12/ 13( 02 59 No 458086563 Remus
get to the table
wthout even weaking, w grab the cards en the table and immedately
an my best
award makes ms way a smerk, last persin tome table
a few meters away and w ream he' s weaking at my hands
knees weak
week down
m ms lucky deck
palms sweaty
en god no
he' s standing ngwn Henna me nen
uncontrolably close
What do you yams dew’ he says quetly
Walton dazy, bluring
arms spagheti
can barely stand
paralyzed wth tear
H‘ mnm W, what flatworld you we me to dew w sputter out
he reaches We ms pocket
pulls out my sunglasses
puts them en
gets even me
ngwn w my ear
and nappers
deal wth t"
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User avatar #1 - olmesy
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(02/13/2013) [-]
I swear to god I'm going to find your address, visit you and beat the **** out of you for that. I really enjoyed the story and genuinely felt nauseous when I read the ending.
**** you
User avatar #3 to #1 - menon
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(02/13/2013) [-]
I wanted to thumb your comment but I couldn't be dealing with the captcha- sorry bro
User avatar #5 to #3 - cyberllama
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(02/13/2013) [-]
so you spend the same (if not more) time writing a comment that nobody gives a **** about?
#2 - pjflash
Reply +3 123456789123345869
(02/13/2013) [-]
God damnit! I really enjoyed the story, why end it like that? Whyy??
God damnit! I really enjoyed the story, why end it like that? Whyy??
User avatar #9 - vixq
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(02/14/2013) [-]
**** you. I just wasted like ten minutes reading that ******** just for nothing to happen. I only read it because i thought this was the top post like a retard. ****.
#8 - anon id: d9f70a28
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(02/14/2013) [-]
#7 - lolzponies
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(02/13/2013) [-]
that mother ******
that mother ******
#6 - kingarther
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(02/13/2013) [-]