TIL I'm Canada.... Hot Chicks--> theleek.com/2012/12/these-girls-love-doing-activities/. Isay again,,, North Korea is really starting to piss me off. It' s l TIL I'm Canada Hot Chicks--> theleek com/2012/12/these-girls-love-doing-activities/ Isay again North Korea is really starting to piss me off It' s l
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TIL I'm Canada...

Isay again,,,
North Korea is really starting to piss me off.
It' s like you {United States) are at this party with a bunch of your friends
Your bro Britain, Super fun, but sometimes irresponsible girl France,
and Quiet, but guy Canada, etc.) and of course
some other people that you don' t always get along with, but hey, it' s
Friday night so let' s just have some beers and chill. Maybe we' ll talk
some shit at the beer pong table but it won' t amount to anything (Never-
gorgia' -) -hersey lady Russia, / -
c) girl Japan) but then this dude (Flat Bastard Tool
North Korea) comes in who has lately been trying to make himself a
regular at these parties and he' s just desperate to probe that he' s
the coolest guy there, He' s trying to dis you and talk himself up. He gees
around trying to be charming and making shit up about you, tries to talk
smack to some of your less imposing bros ()- South
Korea}, but is careful to newer actually start shit. He doesn' t want to play
you in beer pong, he just wants to "test" his shot a few times and then
try to act like he' s hot stuff when he actually makes one. He' s hoping
that events. eally you' ll get too drunk, start talking to a girl (r/ hysteric) usly
shy but always sew Sweden perhaps), and target about him, And then,
when he actually has mien a slight chance of beating Wu, he' s gonna‘
come at Wu.
And while all this is going on, your boss just cut Wu back to partakers,
so your financial situation kind of sucks and you' re also trying to rectify
your school situation because you' ye been falling behind in classes.
And you' re just like "God dammit, Rat Bastard Tool North Korea. Stop
trying to ruin my Friday nights."
North Korea conducts third
controversial nuke test
news. yahoo. com
PYC) LOYANG, North Korea (AP) - North Korea
conducted a nuclear test at an underground
site in the remote northeast Tuesday, taking
an important step toward its goal of building a
bomb small enough to be fitted on a missile
that could reach United States.
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