obama is in town. satwcomic.com/obama-is-in-town not mine. just thought it was funny. I' m off ta the grocery stare. stiill have to wait. The centre of \ Copenh obama master
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obama is in town

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I' m off ta the grocery stare.
stiill have to wait. The centre of \
Copenhagen have been closed off
because Shanta is visiting.
Oh, that' s the master news.
Denmark’! Dan? can Obama that!
That thing you just called him!
Don' t call him that! His title is
The President!
It' s okay, Sweden. Denmark was talking about the city being closed off, and he
meant to say “That? a downer". It just saunas weird when ‘Denmark says it.
It does not!
Yes it does. Someday
you II have to face it. Hm. well, okay then,..,
Man, I need money.
Have yuan guys seen the Master Negro?
Okay, yau' ye got no excuse!
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Submitted: 02/12/2013
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User avatar #1 - finni (02/13/2013) [+] (1 reply)
"America’s excuse is that he is worst kind of republican ever. XD

Denmark saying, "The master negro" needs some explaining.

The Danish words for "downer" ("nedern") and "the negro" ("negern") sound very alike. That has hilarious results when people from certain parts of the country try to say, "That’s such a downer". These poor people are not being racist. They just mean to say “downer” and it comes out as "the negro" because of their dialect.

On top of that we often use the word "master" instead of "very". ("That was master cool!")

So if people with a certain dialect want to say that something is "Very much a downer" it comes out as "It’s the master negro".

It's hilarious. XD"

Description for anyone who was wondering.
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