Long joke part 1. A little something my friend and I came up with in math class.<br /> PART TWO: funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/442589/Long+joke+part+2/. sh why are You Reading this
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Long joke part 1

A little something my friend and I came up with in math class.<br />
PART TWO: funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/442589/Long+joke+part+2/

shipwright Memphis
A man walked into his meat FIE building with his few} -er. The man had been called m
the building the previous day. FIE officials had reviewed the man' s records, which
showed that he had he steady income. The man, hommer was extremely rich. Thinking
they creid bust a drug kingpin er s big time thief, they brought him in fer questioning.
The reviewing is the that took place between the man, his attourney, and
ens FIE official.
TIS official: So, sir, eer weds shew that we have NO steady income whatsoever, yet
you are able to maintain a very luxurious lifestyle. You claim that we have earned all cf
your maney threeoh gambling, which meld be perfectly legal. Heavyer, due the
sheer ammend of maney in wer possession, the US isn' t believing it.
Man: Well, we want me m shew we hew geed cf a gambler I am?
TIS official: Certainly.
Man: Fine. I' ll bet we , dallars that I can bite my eye.
TIS official: Alright, let' s see it.
The man ,preceeded to Demetre his glass eye, bite it with his teeth, and put it back in the
TIS official: Well, I' ll be damned. That was , dollars, correct?
Man: It certainly was, but I' ll make anither bet with we.
TIS official: Sure, why not. This sheild be entertaining.
Man: Alright, I' ll bet anither 3 grand that I can bite my ether eye.
The ? official mum c. -'eady' see that the man had at may ene good eye, because he
was Abie to tech straight at him.
TIS official: Go far it.
Man: Alright then, here it gees.
The man pegged his dentures out of his mouth, chased them en his good eye, then put
the dentures back in.
TIS official: Aw, **** , Now I gotta gs home and tell my wife I lest semen in five minutes
Man: Dent be hasty, I' ll make ens last bet.
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