Title. I went onto omegle and well, this happened.. allt?, omegle Talk to strangers! route watching two strangers discuss your question on Omeglol Question to d Cars crashes


I went onto omegle and well, this happened.

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allt?, omegle Talk to strangers!
route watching two strangers discuss your question on Omeglol
Question to diam:
Zombie roleplay'? Include me as a mute
Stranger 2: okay
Stranger 1:
Strategery: orre day the world was taken over
by zombies
Stranger 1 : the only way to kill them were to shoot
them in the head
Stranger 2: and the zombies were slowly taking over
Stranger 2: there were about 900 people left
Stranger 1 : so stranger 1 and 2 got into a vehicle they
found abandoned and headed clown the road
Stranger 1 : along the way they found a couple of guns
Stranger 2: stranger one looked at stranger 2 and said
johnny, mai boy. you know what were doing right?"
Stranger 1: but not much ammunition
Stranger 1: stranger 2 nodded yes
Stranger 2: stranger 1 locked ahead at the road and
saw a zombie girl standing in the middle.
Stranger 1: strangers got his gun ready
Stranger 2: stranger 1 held his own in his arms and got
ready just in case of more
Stranger 1: suddenly a pack of 1 o zombies came out
ofa building and started running towards the car
Stranger 2: stranger one quickly shot at four of them
and started to jump out of the car, pulling out his secret
Stranger 1: strangers focused on the other 5 taking
down 3
Stranger 1: he saw stranger 1 getting out of the car
Stranger 2: stranger 1 quickly ran up to the zombie
duo and stabbed one in the face but the other grabbed
his hair and started pulling on it. "ouch my beautiful
Stranger 1: strangers then quickly reloaded his rifle
Stranger 1 : and aimed forthe zombie pulling on
stranger 1 's hair
Stranger 2: stranger one looked at stranger 2 and
assed the situation. his eyes widened and he started
scrambling away from the zombie, but to no avail could
he escape
Stranger 1 : with a quick pull of the triggering zombie
went down, but there was still one zombie left
Stranger 1 : the last zombie headed toward the car with
strangers inside
Stranger 1: strangers tried to shoot it but his rifle
Stranger 2: stranger 1 quickly ran up to the zombie
again] and roundhouse kicked him in the butt!
Stranger 1: stranger 2 taking the hint punched the
zombie in the jaw
Stranger 2: stranger 1 snapped his neck and looked
back at strangers
Stranger 1: stranger 2 just laughed
Stranger 2: stranger 1 gave him a questioning look as
to why he was laughing a such a serious matter.
what?" he yelled
Stranger 1: stranger 2 said "oh, its just that we
managed to kills zombie without guns." And then he
got back into the car
Stranger 2: stranger 1 nodded in agreement. and ate a
random sandwhich he magically had in his pocket
Stranger 1: stranger 2 tried to gets piece of the
magical sandwich
Stranger 1 : but then realized he had a bag of chips in
the car
Stranger 2: stranger 1 offered a peice of sandwhich for
a chip
Stranger 1: "exchanges chip for piece of sandwich"
Stranger 2: " eats chip with youthfull vigor"
Stranger 1 : after eating the two strangers continue on
Stranger 2: they drive into an abandoned
neighborhood and stranger 1 starts to cry
Stranger 2: " was my old neighborhood" he
ohme out
Stranger 1: strangers gives stranger 1 a sad look
maybe we should move on"
Stranger 2: "okay. thank you for
understanding..... stranger" they moved on
Stranger 1 : afterr while they arrived at an old mall
Stranger 2: the mall was dark and scary and full of
crappy expensive items
Stranger 1 : the strangers tried to look for anything they
can use
Stranger 2: stranger 1 found a VERY tall high heel and
decided to use the back as a sharp weapon
Stranger 1: strangers found a machete
Stranger 1 : and soccer cleats
Stranger 2: stranger 1 pouted at his strangers
friends?] good fortune at finding a machete and went
to look for something cooler. he found a katana in an
old asian store and decided to pocket the heels and
use the katana
Stranger 1 : after looking around some more the
strangers didn' t find anything else to use and headed
Stranger 2: a llama!
Stranger 2: but it was no ordinator llama. oh no... it was
a green mutant [ninja] zombie llama
Stranger 1: both the strangers looked at each other in
Stranger 1: but they knew what they had to do
Stranger 2: stranger 1 slowly started to approach the
Stranger 1: strangers readied his machete
Stranger 1 : and put on his soccer cleats
Stranger 1: but the llama turned to look at both of them
Stranger 1 has disconnected
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**jaketasticness rolled a random image posted in comment #366328 at Friendly ** MFW I skipped to the last three entries by Stranger 1
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