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User avatar #31 - maxismahname (02/10/2013) [-]
what if he's not actually gay? see how he's looking at the vagina. sly bastard
User avatar #32 to #31 - isenseven (02/10/2013) [-]
I don't think people are exactly getting what's going on in this picture. He didn't look at my girlfriend's vag to see if he was gay or not, this is a reenactment of when he was a teenager and saw a naked girl for the first time.

He's flammingly gay, trust me, he's my bro.
User avatar #33 to #32 - maxismahname (02/10/2013) [-]
no i know this is a reenactment, just saying he could have been like those guys that say they're gay to touch a girl's tits. but it was a joke anyway
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