Have fun sleeping tonight. .
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You too.
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I have had multiple nightmares, I forgot about it but last night I had it again.
I was in my room, except the bed was where my computer desk was, me and about 4 other guys are in my room and we knew she was there.
the lights went out and she entered, chasing us trying to get us, everyone ran out the door and she followed, the light went on and I thought to myself I would stay inn my room...alone

I'm on my computer in my dream, and my friend and his father come into my room from a garage door, then leave through my bedroom door into the hall, I decide about a minute later that I want to leave, but the hallway was dark so she would be there.

I haul ass and get to the end of the dark hallway and there is a goddamn bicycle in the way I turn around and there was two of her. I try and run back to my room but she got me. I remember nothing else of that dream.

I remember seeing her name, I think it was Flaomoe or something.

Picture is what I saw of her. No those two glowy things we not her boobs.
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an asian doll
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