Meat is murder? Wrong damn topic.... The PETA people chose the wrong person to be the PETA spokesperson on this campaign.... i' ' -aaf I was old enough to reali Meat peta

Meat is murder? Wrong damn topic...

The PETA people chose the wrong person to be the PETA spokesperson on this campaign...

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i' ' -aaf I was old enough to
realize all meat was killed,
I saw it as an irrational way
of using our power, to take
a weaker thing and
mutilate it. I was like the
way bullies would take
control of younger kids in
the schoolyard."
Malala For
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it people like this,
do realize that he died due to a massive drug overdose of comma and heroine in
his system, both of which lake multiple chemicals processes to refine, But hey, as long as it wasn' t
due to : ular disease due to meat ingestion, I guess mats cool...
about an hour ago . Like . , it
would argue that its different to lake one' s own We than to lake
the We if arm er r ones own pleasure, as there is no evidence that eating meat is necessary For a
healthy diet.
about an hour ago via mobile . Like
would argue that he did NOT want to TAKE his own life, and that his actions, up to
including the ingesting of known harmful agents FOR THE OF HIS PLEASURE, are
a complete and man different set ofr: irr: instances of those whom are in the pursuit their own
lives and those that are trying to get the biggest kick they an out ofline in a recreational sense
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User avatar #3 - Accidentalninja (02/09/2013) [-]
Meat is kill?
#1 - bobkiller (02/09/2013) [-]
Not ALL Meat is killed
User avatar #4 - defectivetoast (02/10/2013) [-]
appology for poor english
When were you when meat dies?

I was sat at home using computer when fone ring

"Meat is die"

#2 - traelos (02/09/2013) [-]
All meat is killed? Oh **** ...
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