ZOMBIE ANTS ... No... Seriously!!. Wa da faaaa. Fungi that create ‘zombie ants’ discovered in Brazilian jungle Frau: " species of turn carpenter ants min murrai
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#9 - lordlolland (02/08/2013) [-]
Enlarge and enjoy.
User avatar #3 - guiguito ONLINE (02/07/2013) [-]
those ************* are in brazil?
User avatar #2 - daftiduck (02/07/2013) [-]
I've heard of stuff like that.
It manipulates the ant and makes it follow other ants. It then grows out of the ant's head and shoots spores everywhere to infect other ants. Scary **** .
User avatar #11 - contacta (02/08/2013) [-]
i made an longer essay about this zombie ant
#10 - anonexplains (02/08/2013) [-]
wait, 2011? i read about this as early as 2005!
User avatar #8 - cozer (02/08/2013) [-]
It's only a matter of time.....this is something everyone from the internet has been waiting for!
User avatar #6 - liamkelledz (02/07/2013) [-]
It makes the ant climb to the top of a tree, something it doesn't usually do, where it clasps onto the branch then the fungus breaks out of its head and releases its spores
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