he loved her. lawl. E Cl Anonymous ) : 13'. Nty. 35117% Fuck my life in the ass. ml. elm 19 taking high school classes enough credits to gradual? mast Thursday  hue
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he loved her

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E Cl Anonymous ) : 13'. Nty. 35117%
Fuck my life in the ass. ml.
elm 19
taking high school classes
enough credits to gradual?
mast Thursday
girl is untrod u: ed to class
s beautiful
Now before you go all shitty on me. my on out. I am NOT a popular guy in school.
I' m too tall. the too skinny. Hut l' m also not one ofthose weird guys dressing all in black. pale as fuck Anyway. this
was my chance. A new beginning before ammount gingrich told her about me.
And get this- the teacher sat her neat to me,
at was determined to get this girl
at up he by ounce of courage I have in my lanky being.
trl tall: to her
have an amazing conversation
was get yelled at for talking dining the tenure
es in my next class
o' t, tcy stilt get 3.. -e’: aed at for laughing and talking during class
hidere get kicked out o! Us Science
at m bummed We rt" -y favorite class;
e' s energetic
re run off _ E am hearing the tame of my We here
day ends site says goodbye
at go home to shitty is
at to computer
at new friend request
related We her motors
Milkie ahead. Tuesday it days ago]
awe hung out all weekend.
MM, had a great time
was hang out all the , at school
rar in tote with Starry
otie tells the I' m than all ether guys
ashe likes me.
awe go out.
feeling in the world Ever-
then my parents gel into a huge fight yesterday
at get sucked in. Telling them to calm down.
scat Stacy.
writes me mar. --
Than this is were it gets shitty,.,
Cl Anonymous ) voight). ' ;
bl get to her house
Hee house
in the backyard.
s a fuckung mess
was dad is a humor.
is full of ABSOLUTE SHIT.
Stacy apologises . emotes me to her room.
spend the rest ofthe day together and messing around.
at sleep there For the night.
swalot up today.
till bummed about my parents fight and gettig inched not.
wear a was on the door.
eher mom first got back from a business company
pshe' s a big CEO d an insurance company
estacy made as Headset
Bacon. Pancakes-
roost kidding. It was But it was delicious " hell.
astuter Mamet. We get ready For school.
Dacy' s mother comes out to derre us.
s when it hits me.
at as had Stacy if , could co me our alter school.
Al/ e hung around by the pool
we mom came hack from her business trip.
was around. she wasn' t trying to give me the slip.
he knows No not the little boy that I used to be
aim all grown on
baby cant you see?
Stacy' s room has got it going on
who' s alt I want.
hand We waited for so long
Mii) daey can' t you see’?
syou' re just not the girl for me.
I might Emmy. But I' m in Stacy' s Mam,
didnt see that coming
aunt only didnt i see this corning
Cl Anonymous ) ' 2,
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#3 - ishotthedeputy
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(02/07/2013) [-]
These posts have trained me to see the joke coming after the first 3 sentences
#4 to #3 - pieratestan
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(02/08/2013) [-]
sadly yes.. i was like "stacy?" scroll down to bottom and i was right..
User avatar #7 - churrundo
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(02/08/2013) [-]
#5 - anon id: 69fc94a0
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(02/08/2013) [-]
When they use names they are faking a story.
#2 - anon id: ed61c444
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(02/07/2013) [-]
nice repost
#6 - miwauturu
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(02/08/2013) [-]
>Scroll down
>Thumb down
#1 - telfyr
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