In the east or west?. A little OC I made. No harsh comments please... bich idk In the east or west? A little OC I made No harsh comments please bich idk
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bich idk
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The world is divided into 2 hemispheres, the Western and Eastern hemispheres. The line that divides the two is the longitude of 0 degrees. This is the time zone formerly known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), now I think it is just Universal Time.

So if you look at an upright map of the world (north at the top, south at the bottom of the page), then the Eastern world would be to the right of the line (Asia, majority of Europe, Africa and Australia) and the Western hemisphere would be to the left (the 2 Americas).

That's why historically countries like China and Japan were called the Far East, and why the Middle East was named so. Well really they were named with respect to Europe, but close enough :P