Superbowl. Oh god, here comes the tide.. rif, ffrp i In. Too late. Now you are just part of the tide.
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Oh god, here comes the tide.

rif, ffrp
i In
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User avatar #5 - cumsinbucket (02/04/2013) [-]
Too late.
Now you are just part of the tide.
User avatar #6 - inglipstruefollowr (02/04/2013) [-]
Anyone else notice how these "brace yourselves" posts are always, always, way behind.
User avatar #1 - cutter ONLINE (02/04/2013) [-]
soo many posts already...
User avatar #4 - halotalim (02/04/2013) [-]
Too late.
#2 - acier **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #7 - twofreegerbils (02/05/2013) [-]
You're like, 48 hours late

Do you know how long 48 hours is

#3 - beefking (02/04/2013) [-]
**beefking rolled a random image posted in comment #485083 at Anime & Manga ** the posts are already breaking the floodgates at 9fag!!! WE MUST PREPARE!!!
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